Florida Blue Pitbull Puppies!

I just wanted to take a moment to show off a couple of our female blue Pitbull puppies we have for sale here at Coyote Pit Bulls Kennels in Florida. They are beautiful blue female American Bullies. The sire is a blue brindle American Bully Pitbull. The dam is a bluenose trindle Ambully. Both parents are sired by champions. We are very proud of each and every puppy we produce here. These pups are pictured at just 4 weeks old. They have some real nice chests and heads on them for being only a few weeks old! Short little puppies too! Enjoy!


Razor's Edge Florida Puppies

Razor’s Edge Florida Puppies


Razor's Edge Pit Bull Pups!

Razor’s Edge Pit Bull Pups!



Pitbulls are great pets

pit bulls are amazing dogs. they come in beautiful colors and good shapes.

pit bulls are smart dogs and they come in nice colors like fawn, tan, blue and copper.
also there strong dogs and they are very good at griping and biting down.  when a pit bull has its puppies they can look just like the mother or the father of it.